What is Blazerathon?

Hey everyone!

Blazerathon is the event being put on by Children’s Miracle Network to raise funds for Shand’s Hospital in Gainseville Florida. Blazerathon is a non-profit organization that donates the money it generates to create the machines which support the ill children at Shand’s so they can get back to health.

Blazerathon is more than just one day it’s a constant competition between organizations and teams. Everytime your team or organziation contributes something for Blazerathon points will be awarded. So it is possible to have more points racked up before the Blazerathon event even begins. At the end of the event, all the points will be tallied and we will have a winner.

The day of the event is fun, motivational, and inpiring. Durring the day teams will be compeating for  points, miracle famlies will talk about their experiences, games will be played, the morale dance will be danced every hour on the hour, and did I forget to mention that the event is twelve hours long? You might be thinking whoa! Twelve hours long? Yes Blazerathon is an all day event to raise funds for Shand’s Hospital and on that day we will be dancing for those who can’t. So come on out for a day full of fun, competition, and love!

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